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My Mind's Paradise
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Thursday, January 26th, 2006
3:47 pm
Ah, ok ok, so it's been a really long time since i updated ^^;; i'm sorry m(_____)m I've just been super busy lately and it's been rather stressful to just sit down and type masses of stuff ^^ but yes, I will come back now and write! :D :D

hmm, where to begin...

Well I'm going to be going to school in Viginia for a while due to technical difficulties at home and with family.. so this is something I'm going to be doing so everyone can calm themselves at these locations and not have me in the way while they're doing so. So yeah, the school is called Marymount, yet another catholic school -0-; but oh well, it doesn't mean you're catholic just because you go... (O_o; i just remembered i was baptized that way... oh well.) but yeah, it's in Arlington, VA and pretty close to DC so it's pretty city-full. but you know, I like city stuff so i guess it's good to get a feel for it anyways so i'll know how to do subway things, and buses and all that, I mean, i would like to get a car again someday, but i should know how to do public transportation as well, you know? I guess the way it would work is there's like no dorms "available" which means there is but they have to do stuff about it first (people who don't come, people who leave blah blah) so i guess they put up everyone else at this hotel down the street until dorms open up, but i hear they might not even move everyone over - that would be nice, i'd rather stay in the hotel ^^;

the weather down here is weird! there's like, never any snow (well, i hear it's actually warmer than usual, meaningh there usually is snow, but yeah, right now, it's been warmer, so there's only really been rain, and like flurries one day that lasted 10 minutes - -~ not that i'm complaining or anything ^^;;

ahhh, i'm wearing this sweater but it's sooo itchy ;0; it's so warm though -____- stupid thing!

to all of my close friends, i know we've talked, but I just wanted to take a second to say how much i miss all of you and how much I truly think about you everyday. You never leave my heart. and you know, you never will. i've been a bit out of touch for a while, but that doesn't mean that at any point ever I forgot about anyone or lost feeling. So please remember this about me.. you know me and you know my love, so please always keep it with you for i am always with you even when i am not there, just as i keep each of you with me everyday. I love you guys! <333333333

Ah, kinda short, but at least it's an update for now, ne? So I'll keep up and thanks for the nudge! ^^;;

Ja mata!

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, December 19th, 2005
3:56 pm
It's been a long time since I've updated, and a lot of crap has happened since then...and stuff with hotdog has recently gotten very serious also..it's been building up for a while, and she's finally decided that his abuse it too much....she's put up with it for 10 years now...if he can't change the way he is and the way he treats her, then she has to...and that is what she's decided...if he chooses not to get better, then she'll be all alone, so i need to do my best to be there for her. Anyways, i guess she wants to get away for a bit, so i hope it'll help her, and if it helps him, great, if not, too bad...she's been stuck in this cycle for a thrid of her life almost...it's just too much. so yeah...this is why i haven't been updating lately or making a lot of human contact...there's just been so much in the past few weeks, so i've just been overwhelmed. So i apoligize for this.

I have the pictures from today, so I posted the links to them on here. I wish i would have been able to talk about all this earlier, but it's been really hard to deal with and there's been a lot we've had to do because of everything, so it's been busy....but anyways, i'm sorry to anyone i've hurt and it's not meant to be that way...to everyone who has been supportive (you know who you are) thank you and i truly love all of my closest friends, and thanks for always being there for me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
MONKEY!?Collapse )

anyways, just wanted to update...<3333~

Ja mata!

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
4:47 pm
ahhhhhhh! the horrible horrible day is ova! NO more presentation or math exam (easy) or final essay exam, or presentation again XDD although it's only a few days off -_- oh well, i feel caught up now in my sleep ^__^

sitting outside in the middle of the night with a blanket can be extremely serene...you dont even feel the cold once you've let it go...although now theres snow again, so i can't do it again for a while...but wow, that was a unexpected discovery ^^

I need to get my hair cut again...not really different, just keep it how i like it...it's getting too long -0-
O_o and my grama actually likes it!! wtf, oh well, i suppose that's not a bad thing. The white contacts we ordered came in as well, so if you feel like you'd like to see it, i'll put it here
optional cutCollapse )

bleh, so as i said my grama is here, so this will be like one of the first thanksgiving things that we actually have people at - although last year we did it with my dad and his family, but i nearly killed my step-grandfather thing, omfg what an ass that guy is. No one in that family ever stands up to him, it's all, "listen to your uncle george" (stupid forker isn't even my uncle, he's married to my father's mother) EFF THAT! he's an ASS! but i think they may be getting a divore ^^;; whos knows - but anyways, like, my mom's husband is usually never here and he is, and my grama has never been here, so yeah. newness~~

so on thanksgiving people eat...what are you supposed to do for the rest of the day?? people talk about parades, but nah...that just gives me weird memories and reminds my why i'm not a holiday person. oh! but my mom found the zelda game i like so much! (remember jenny! *O*) so i guess i can do that if they're being stupid
o(^-^)o omg, i dont know why, but that game is soo fun. ^_^~

well, i'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday, so i'm going to go fix this ^^

have a nice nothanksgiving everyone! <33

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
9:34 pm
ahhh! i'm being forced to update! -_- curse you master!!


eheheheh ^^;; that was a joke, i swear :þ

well, for the most part, this has been kind of a crappy week, but most of you already know that, so i don't need to get into it. but i'm feeling like 80% better now, so it's not so bad now...i'm just happy i made it through the week ^^;

ahhh, i must clean my room ;___; this will take me so long, but i have to do it because my grandmother will be here! so this means being up until 4 singing along to music until i lose my voice or die of exhaustion. whatever comes first i guess XDD

argh, i feel so tired already - 誠一 you made this worse by being all tired on the phone! ahhh!! it's ok - かわいい ですよ when you're all sleepy XDD BUT NOW I MUST WAKE UP!! *splashes water on face* -__- now i'm just wet and tired.

ZOMFG IT'S SOO COLD OUTSIDE!! winter did not have to come so soon -_- now i must get mittens or something...oh, and at my school, i saw geese in the water...what are they still doing here?? they were coming to the shore though, so maybe the water was cold? fools -_-

so to conlcude my entry, i'll leave off with this interesting fact:
誠一 this is the story you were like O_o to, but i have the answer now!

OK, so, when my mother was pregnant with me, and was about to give birth to me, there was a problem. Her labor was short (only one hour) and it didn't take long for me to come out, but the problem was, I pooped.

XDDD BUT, as i found out, it wasn't in fact solid poop, because how could it possibly be? (thank you professor かたやま!) but when you are in your mothers stomach, you are in water, right? because the water has to break...well, my poop wasn't solid, it was liquid...and i did almost choke on it...but in the liquid way.

-__- that's really gross to think about, so i hope you all enjoyed that!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
3:14 pm
yay~~~ no classes today! but I still had to go anyways at 1:00 to talk to とりもと 先生 (t-o-r-i-m-o-t-o- torimoto XDD she did that today again too!) so yeah, anyways, because I'm such a good person I was late
-__- so she said to come up in like 15 minutes. It's such a nice day today, so I decided to walk over by the water for a minute. The leaves have all fallen, but it's still beautiful to see. So I wanted to see if I could see the bottom of the river, and I basically can right at the water's edge. but...

what did I see?Collapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
7:10 pm
ahhh barnacles! i've been tagged -___- XDD

so here i go~
Step One: Pick 5 Jrockers you would want to date.
Step Two: Post their pictures/what you would do on that date in order.
Step Three: Tag 5 friends

Tag-ationCollapse )

Current Mood: geeky
12:09 pm
Yeah, I've been lazy lately ^^;; so I thought I'd take the time before class today to update this b~

So yesterday I went for my orientation at target - lamest time ever. Oh well. by the time i finish this training stuff, i'll already have like almost $100 - you know what that means!


well, you probably don't...but it's good. ^___^

despite all this lame stuff lately (like yesterday i couldn't get my mom's car to start, and i was almost late, crap with my mom - just things like that) i've actually been staying pretty positive...I know this is something I have to do...I want to be strong for myself, and also be able to be positive for other people too. Laino, you're influencing me! m(_ _)m you're so cool *O* ~~but yeah - I'm going to try my best to stay positive! b^^d

I dressed up a little bit for halloween, but not really - I was just bored -__-
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


^__^; yeah. our stupid camera is being all weird now - I hope he doesn't end up like Wilson TT_______TT *kicks it* O_o..maybe that wont help...

ew math stalker thought i wore my glasses yesterday because he thinks they look cute on me........
-_________________- think again dumbass...that was completely unrelated to you. god, i hope his crotch falls off...

O___O - i'm weird ^^;

oh - Ash! - i'll do the survey after school or something - I didn't really have time before, but yeah. just so you know :þ

well - i should go for now - i have to go to stupid class with stupid short tan and hairy and big red with moss growning on his face and that weird guy that looks at us at least once a class O_________o...why am i so weird today?

じゃ loves!

Current Mood: weird
Friday, October 28th, 2005
4:58 pm

strange day fo sho! So I went to the target interview and I basically got it because they gave me the conditional offer (meaning I have a day to pee in a cup - whee) and I guess I'd be in the electronics area...so I'm like...well, what would I need to do there? and she's like, oh, don't worry, we'll train you and everything. We're just looking for people who seem postive and upbeat, and that smile to deal with people. So i'm thinking to myself, damn, did i give off that vibe again? -__- ehh, oh well, electronics would actually be better. so yeah, i'm like happy-ish now.

So we go to school, and we're reviewing in class, and everything is going good. Torimoto does this really cute laugh so me and Sara freak out XDD it was too cute. Then! She made fun of me!! I was just sitting lookiing at her (because she was talking, so duh!) and I'm like resting my head on my hands and some of my fingers are over my mouth...so Torimoto is like imitating me in front of the class >__< XDD why me? I wasn't even doing anything! ehh, she's cute though so i forgive her. ^^

Then i had to go to math to take a test T__T and it could either be a take home test, or in class, but either way you could work in a group if you wanted. so i'm like, eh, i'll just do it know - I have nothing to do right now - but stupid math stalker was like - you should wait and do it this weekend so we can work in a group...i'm like...ehh, no...I don't want to come back here on the weekend...so he stayed...>__< I didn't want to work with anyone, but he sort of did it anyways...but yeah - it was good because i made like stupid errors so like it was good to be able to compare at least that part, but really, i'm the one that basically did everything - -; so then after that, we're walking to the library and there's this chipmunk that makes me squeel (-__- i make noises when things are cute ^^;; ) and he's like - you're funnier than them - so i'm like eh? /him: you're the one making all the noise /me: duh / then there was this bug I had to save and he's like, he'll be fine! i'm like NOOOOO SOMEONE WILL STEP ON HIM!! so i moved him. then he was talking about how he doesn't have friends that he really likes even though he knows so many...i'm like yeah - i don't care...all of the friends i have are close :þ then he's like, but don't think that i don't like you - you're interesting - blah blah - ehh whatever. so i had to go and he was all happy that i helped him with math so he tried to hug me again -__- yuck

Then we leave and I have to pee in a cup for a drug test -____- tooo lame. then I see czach petras there >< yuck, which means he'll also be working at target - -a but yeah - and then i got all bladder shy and didn't want to do it >__< but yeah - got that done.

then we're on out way home and some guy tries to kill us O_o; i'm like driving straight - no stop sign, just supposed to drive, then this guy WHO HAS A STOP SIGN tries to turn in front of me, so I almost hit him T___T argh...i just wanted to get home and forget all these losers. So I did and now I'm all happy. ^_^

Ja mata!

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:56 pm
It's always so cold in the morning T__T I never want to leave my blanket stand in the cold air. but there are things that make you do it anyways ^_^V

We went to Japanese today, and I kept seeing, or rather, thinking i'm seeing, people that i used to go to school. but they were all stupid annoying people i thought i saw...luckily i didn't see any of them, but it's an annoying feeling. but yeah - Torimoto took a reaaally long time getting to class so everyone thought she wasn't coming. But she finally came - she just reterned from Japan recently ;___; so lucky - BUT this also means short tan and hairy is back, which means back to O____________O and also, we'll get our mid-terms back tomorrow T________T I really don't want to know what I got on that. anyways, Torimoto brought the first manga of Nana in Japanese *O* then we did some listening activities and stuff.

So then I went to math happy because I listened to くう on the way over and I wanted to sing in dance on the sidewalk ^//^;; but I didn't...I just wanted to. So i go in and sit down and stupid face (math stalk) gives me a note saying he's got more jokes. you needed to give me a note for this why then he tried to take my hat again, which i wore because my hair is a mess, so i'm like WHOOOOOAA NO - i have hat hair today. then he's all "you suck." i'm like yes i do. then he said "oh at least your honest" me: ( oh haha your so funny prick - -; ) actually i just suck toes. ~__^ him: really? me: yeah, but not yours :p - then later when we were outside i was making cold noises (i was cold, duh) then he's like, are you really that cold? me: well, not really, but I know i will be so i make them now. him: do you really think i care that much (stupid sarcasm) me: hmm, i don't care if you care - i do what i want anyways. then he hugged me again *burns self* >< i'm not a fan of these surprise attacks.

here are a few pictures for today - i was bored before school - but it's still my stupid camera phone - i want my nice one back T__T
カートCollapse )

I hate going to the grocery store - people are soooo indecisive at these things! just get some food and go home! XDDD then there was a granny that was fat, but she had on like spandex pants and this jacket that was all glittery @_____o is this how I'll end up? ;_;

For some reason, the top of my tounge feels numb - -aa wtf

じゃ また!

昨日すばらしい会話をありがとうは、結び付ける! 私は私があなたに話すときとても幸せに感じる。♥

Current Mood: numb
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
3:13 pm

yeah, that's an appropriate way to start my entry XD

so for everyone that knows that I killed my first car, I may have killed my moms....BUT there's a chance I didn't. Even if I did, this time it wouldn't have been my fault! it was like making this weird noise after i parked at school in the morning, so me and Sara were like O_________o;; is it going to explode? so i called my mom and then some weird guy came over and told me to hold his coffee while he looked and thought that it was overheating, blah blah - car talk that i don't understand - -; so yeah - then later when we went back, my mom told me to try to open this one container inside the engine area, but we're both so weak (well, i'm weak, but the thing was sooo hard to turn anyways!) so i had to call my stupid math stalker (he's the only one around that i knew that might be stronger) which he ended up being stupid. first of all, he couldn't open it either, but he did after using his foot (gee, why didn't i think of that - -; ) but then the thing that we opened needed to be filled more, and he's all saying that we should call someone so we'll have enough water. >< we filled two bottles with water and only even needed one. yeah, please take your stupid self back to your dorm and shut up. anyways, my mom's husband came and the engine is either blown, or it's just because a belt broke ^^;; anyways, i just hope it's the latter, because i'll probably have to run away otherwise ><

we were supposed to watch gazette in japanese, but stupid aged daishi's movie lasted longer than suspected...but! we may be able to watch it another time, and if that's the case, maybe i can put the gazette/kagrra thing on a data disc and play it on windows media player or something...

a couple of comments i could have done without:

1. you'd be an extremely hot guy.
2. You look so intelligent with glasses - you look like your just going to start reciting poetry.
3. I'm digging the hair - how do you sleep with it like that? doesn't it go under your eyelids? (@___o)
4. When i first say you, i thought that you at least drank. (alcohol)

thanks a lot ass face. (yeah, if you haven't guess already, those are more stuipd math stalker craps) haha, i think i scared him too because i said that if i were a guy i'd probably be gay. but i probably wouldn't have much success here ><

so yeah - here is what i did with my hair yesterday:
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

^________^ thanks for the super long chat yesterday twin! you're american boy voice rocks my socks

じゃ また!

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
3:47 pm
T__________T I had another dream I was being chased...I could like hear the footsteps of someone running after me, and even though i was waaay ahead, i still stopped out of fear....>< why are dreams so mean!

So I decided after like a month of not doing it, I'd try to put a contact in for today...but the first one would not go in AT ALL!! it would keep getting all bubble-y and now flatten out...so finally i tried the other one and it goes in right away -____-;; oh well, it's in now ^___^

then me and my mom are talking about anger...how if you have it a lot you're always fearing something, and when you don't feel it as much, you feel like it's not ok to be angry, so you hold it in and become a victim or some crap. i don't know, i get angry, but i just don't act on it a lot unless it's hardcore destruction. XD i don't know...but she was all trying to enlighten me and analyze me, so i left.

I had to use my mom's husbands car which is a piece of crap along with the owner - -a but like, it's soo hard to steer, so as i'm driving to school, i'm worried i'll be pulled over for drunk driving or something because i can't even keep the car straight - -aa

so then we got to watch "Returner" in Japanese class - and the main enemy charactor looks like an aged Daishi or something, and the other main guy looks really familiar too...but it was good so far...but we didn't get to finish it yet. But this friday we will - and we can watch the kagrra/gazette thing *O*!!

So then i'm off to math, which is lame. I got like a 94 on the midterm and math stalker is all, ohh, good job - yeah, get off. then he said my hair felt starchy....wtf...but yeah! I got to use stalker defense today! ありがとう ございました 誠君!
This is my binder now:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
great, now i wont pay attention in math XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
>< no, i can't marry a binder

ok, so what happend is...we're walking out of class, and he's following me like usual...
him: yeah i kinda liked your hair before, but this is good too (the blonde) me: ehh, well, i like it *bats hair* (omg, did i actually say this? i didn't really mean it...)
him: oh, i do too, i'm just saying, the black and red was cool too.
me: ok
him: oh, I keep forgeting that all of those pictures are boys
me: eh, yeah, and it's all the same boy
him: oh really - that's cool, you have all these visual kei-ers
me: -__- actually, he's like one of my best friends...
him: oh? he's your friend?
me: yes! see, that's my nickname (points to Kasan)
him: oh yeah, that is!

then he had to run shortly after that ^____^ maybe he'll start to go away? if not i'm going to be scared ><

well, that's all for now!



Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
3:56 pm
I went to the stupid chiropractor today - basically because my mom wanted to get her neck get adjusted or whatever. then he goes to do mine, and he's always been kind of weird, but first, he's all like,
him:"hmm, is this black part of your hair supposed to cover your eye?
me: - - yes...
him: ohh, i didn't say anything - i was just curious...everyone is doing their own thing these days...
me: @_____o yeah..haha....funny
then he was like - oh, is this new? (my tattoo)
me: ehh...i've had it for a year
him: oh? what does it mean?
me: eternity
him: what about the picture?
me: @____________________o;;.....picture......neaning? (i mean, of course i didn't randomly pick cherry blossoms, but the characters are more important!)
him: oh...most of my clients don't know anymore and tell me about their picture...
me:...^_^;;;; how nice

So then we have the movie for modern east asia and i'm trying to stay awake in the dark room in the comfy chair...so it was only like an hour so we could leave early, so we sat by the water for a bit.....for some reason, ladybugs keep landing on me, and coming by me...yesterday, i think two landed on me...today i saved like 3 of them...when I was walking back to my car i just noticed one on my sleeve...then one landed on my leg...except i think that one might have been fake because it was like biting me or something ><....so i had my cd player on random, i'm all excited (and almost cried again - -) and of course, reila comes on, but I decide to leave it on this time. two songs like this in a row must mean something

hahaha! i stole your idea to draw something Sara!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
tada!! it's my biology teacher from high school! he was soo weird! and the pink part is not his mouth, it's his tounge! it would always get stuck when he talked! XDDDDDDD he did it right in my face one day and i tried sooo hard not to laugh directly at him ^^;;

well, that's it for now!



I had help with this one - gomen!

Current Mood: loved
Monday, October 17th, 2005
7:14 pm
^_________^ my second class was cancelled today! this means two good things! no math (which I didn't understand the homework anyways - -a) and no math stalker! ;_____; what a nice day! And today Yuko taught our class instead of とりもと先生! she's soo cute! and! on friday we get to bring in the Gazette/Kagrra tv special!! *O* it'll be so fun! and no one will know who it is!!! and maybe Yuko can tell us some of what they're saying o(^ ^)o (haha 誠君! I put a space, so it's unique!) and all this week the teacher of my first class on tuesday and thursday is gone (in japan T____T) but at the same time it means no boring beady eye hairy tan teacher! o(^___^)oo(^___^)o (party time!) I'm just happy because I don't have to read all that crud now >< but not for long, ne? yuck...

ohhh - when is the anime lock in again? and also, Daneh! do you think you and keith would want to go to that as well and be chaperones or whatever? it'd be at the school - but they need one for guys too, so yeah...but they'll probably have ddr there! :0 we can show them our mad skills! or lack of....- -aa but most of the members play ddr on the computer with their hands - -aaa LAME!! USE YOUR LEGS! *crazy hand gesture* (again)

*gets kitty*
*kitty runs away*
fine ><

XDDD today in japanese class we watched this ヤンさん - which is like this fat foreign guy living in Japan being all cool and fat. so everybody always laughs at it because the music is soo cheesy and they peoples expressions are really overdone. So for one thing, it kept stopping on ヤン's face and he'd be making the worst face every - - and then there's this character "mine" which is said "mee-nay" if you don't know - but it looks so funny because it's written on his shirt...so we're always like, if he ever forgets, the shirt is "mine"! XD yeah - pretty lame - but he's so cute in a weird old person way - today we're like - hes going to go home that day after filming the tape and eat food. ^^a weird? yeah...

ohh, i finally say that family guy movie - it was pretty funny, but different too. but yeah - just to say to anyone who has seen it.

*O* learn to say blood with your hands!
whooooa!! c'mon on!Collapse )

anyways, this is all for now - my life really isn't that interesting or anything so i don't want to keep anyone from anything important XD yeah...

じゃ また!


Current Mood: relaxed
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
3:12 pm
Ok, so my hair is finally 100% done besides maybe my mom helping me make one of the sides more even but that's not going to be terribly noticable. I'm kinda torn - I think i liked it yesterday, but now i'm like..hmm...but I'll post my pictures anyways, so please tell me what you think. ^__^

black & whiteCollapse )

well, there is other big news, but some of you already know, so for those who don't I feel I should wait for a little bit until things have come together more. And for anyone that I know personally, I don't really like giving the news through computers if I can tell you personally. so yeah ^^

stupid math stalker has been unrelenting and still talking to me >< but i love to see that my close friends hate him just like i do. I mean, he's probably not a horrible person, but he's definately stupiid if he things anything could come out of this...then agian, why would he. Doesn't matter - he's not the one I have feelings for and he never will be *pukes*

T______T my poor twin's computer isn't working >< WAHHHHH! I MISS YOU!! So please come back soon 誠君!!

well, that's all for now~~


Current Mood: lonely
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
4:54 pm
so today my mom and he husband had another fight. nothing new and no need to bore anyone with anymore.

a couple days ago, math stalker asked if i would help him study for the test - and really, i wouldn't have cared, but i honestly wasn't able to because i had to help my mom - one of her cars was at a mechanic, so i had to go with her to pick it up and he only had until 4 to study anyways, and i got out at 3, so it was basically impossible. anyways, my point is he called like twice yesterday (i didn't have my phone yesterday) so i was like - -;; i don't really want to call, so i sent him a text explaining it and didn't hear anything back. so i go into class today and i'm like....did he get it? so i kinda felt bad and finally he's like, how is your moms car? he probably thinks i made it up ^^;; who cares OH YEAH!! HE TOOK ANOTHER PICTURE!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH!! he's all like, why don't you smile? - me: i don't like to smile for pictures, though i like posing for pictures - him: eh? you like to pose but not smile - me: - -;; yes, i like making faces and stuff - him: then you should get totally into it, use your body and all that - me: oh boy! the test is here! ^^;;


so then after school we went back to the high school for a round of anime club - wow have the people gotten lamer...or maybe they were always that way...anyways, people were playing ddr on the computer ><;; gee, how impressive. on the plus side, we figured out what we want to do with our hair, and we should be doing it soon o(^^)o XDDD then after we were standing outside and i had this sticker on my scarf that i had no idea came off, and i was being stupid and put it on my crotch (i was wearing a dress with pants) and sara was going to hit it to make it stick on, but then suddenly she's like.....O____O;;; wait....XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD omg that would have been funny ^^;;

ok, anyways, like i said, we should be doing all of our hair soon, so expect pictures in a few days XDDD so get your puke bags out when you read mine ~___^ i'm so excited and nervous ^^;;

okeh! that's all for now!

じゃ ね!

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
5:07 pm
Oh man, what a crappy day. i don't know why i decided to sleep on the couch, but that was a really bad idea - -;; (still feels the headache from it) I was supposed to read and study but wasn't able to get too much of either done.

so i wake up and my mom is trying to make me eat toast >< then i get ready and we're supposed to go get her car that's being fixed but it's not even done yet! so now i'm going to be late for school and it's the day of the mid-term i'm supposed to fail ^^; and I still have to stop at the schools crappy bookstore to get their stupid booklets to use. so I do all this and get in class just as everyone is starting - i take one look at the questions and
yeah, i'm screwed. I tried though...I don't think i failed, but I dont think I did well, and that's going to bother me. but who knows, maybe he can help me or something. who knows ><

now i suddenly realize i don't have my backpack, so i don't have anything i need for my next class, but luckily i don't really need much ^^;; by this time my head is like *BOOMPBOOMP* like a heart beat...so i just let it relax a little.

i finally get home, and my mom starts in on my with the "i don't do enough" speech....so the the beating in my head is more or less like someone hitting it with a hammer. ^__^

whatever, i'll try to do more, study more, all that crap, and just try to be happy. and i'm sorry for the complaining, but hey, it gave me a lot to write about and its not like i'm always negative. everyone has bad days.

but now i have to talk about my kitty! yesterday i was going downstairs to my room and the kitties are all ~~NYAOO NYAOO~~!! i'm like WHAT DO YOU WANT?? then i look at their food dish and realize they don't have food. ohh..so I give them food and they run to it and my grey kitty, Simba, turns to me and rubs my face and then goes back to food......HE THANKED ME!! OMFG TOO CUTE! ^^;; i know that was random, but it made me happy. ^^

so that's it for the moment....crappy day, but still trying to be happy. ^^;


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Monday, October 10th, 2005
8:56 pm
AHHHHHHH! I'm forced to update again!!! I'll get you for this twin!! >:

ahh, today was cold, but in such a pleasant way *O* it was so beautiful - I wasn't freezing, but the chill was refreshing - I wanted to do so many things in that moment, but I'm so limited by location and means, but still the feeling is amazing...


- -aa

ok, enough spiritual talk...what can I say

well, for starters, I'm going fail my mid-term tomorrow! yay!
(so crying inside) - -aaaa

I try so hard to study for this, and usually I'm fine, but I'm so afraid of this one. but I plan to study hardcore tonight in whatever way I can and all I can do is do my best ^^;; no more negativity!

my stupid math stalker keeps patting me on the back when i do something good...

i'm not a child...i don't feel better because your hand made contact with my back - - (although the fact that it's coming from him makes it different too @__o) then he had to go and tell me about a dildo that straps onto your chin. ^^;; enough said about that >< and he wants to get together to study tomorrow - MMM NO (gary style XD) something about him just creeps me out and reminds me of stupid kris *shudders* i hate that guy.

XDDD omg, yesterday the girls and I were at the park and were just chatting in the car (its too cold to go outside) and these kids on bikes ride by and they're laughing so stupid, so I make a stupid laugh back at them and they're all like HUHHAHAHAHAUHA - and we were like O____O so we lock all the doors thinking they're going to bust in and they just go over to the playground. So the fat kid puts his cartman manbag down XD and we're like oh, he's going to go on the slide....and suddenly he starts to bring his bike up onto the park equipment O____O WTH!!! Now we're thinking OMG! WE'RE GOING TO WITNESS A DEATH! HES GOING TO RIDE HIS BIKE DOWN THE SLIDE! so we try to see better XDDD and all he does is ride it across the bridges and stuff - HOW LAME!!!! THERE WAS NO POINT TO ANY OF THAT!! but it was really interesting. we were just disappointed we didn't get to see a death XDD ~no

ok - I hope this is INTERESTING enough for you! XDD

<3 you all!


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Sunday, October 9th, 2005
1:59 pm
yay, i got bored and took some crap pictures, although with some people around, i wonder if i should even do this XDD

ewwwwwCollapse )

じゃ また!

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Saturday, October 8th, 2005
10:15 pm
ok, I submitted and did another quiz ^^;;

more quizzageCollapse )

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8:21 pm
haha! all the peer pressure has made everyone else do the 125 questions



i'm done now ^^;;

I'm glad everyone did it though. I like learning about my friends ^___^ you can never know too much.

So i finally applied to target today ^^;; i guess i can only hope for the best there. maybe i'll dennys tomorrow...if Ruki can survive it, i can ^^; I just know i need to start saving like a mad no matter what.

so since we're on the subject of getting to know eachother, anyone who comments: tell me something interesting about yourself that I don't know. It can be anything, something you do, something that happened, or a habit you have. Anything like that. and then tell me if there's anything you want to know about me. (yes, I did steal this from you Seiichi ^^;; )

since this is my thing, I'll start...

my factCollapse )

anyways, not a whole lot else today. My weekends are mainly online with my twin ^^ with the occasional need to get up XD but yeah

wow - my step-brother thing has a lot of energy O__o;;

anyways, that's it for now!

Ja mata!

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